Water Well Inspection & Testing

Residential & Commercial

If you own or a property in Golden & area, or the Columbia Valley, we can help you understand the well you have.

Should you be planning to purchase a home, we offer water testing and water samples to help you understand the current state of the well.

We collect the water and send the sample to a reputable lab for testing.

You can use these results for negotiating during your real estate purchase process.

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professional water well inspection

Well Video Inspection

Our video inspection system can detect cracks in well casings, plugged or offset perforations, deformed casings, improper gravel packing, bacterial buildup, and mineral incrustation. This approach provides well owners the confidence to make informed decisions regarding performance and condition of their well.

Anything that has compromised a well can be time consuming, and costly often resulting in failure due to blind working conditions. A more cost-effective approach can be achieved by implementing our water well video inspection service.

Water Well Testing

If you use a private well to supply water to your home, you should test it for bacteria at least once a year. Testing is recommended every spring after the snow melt and spring run-off. You should also test your well if you see any changes in the water (ex: strong colour, odour or a change in taste or clarity) and after a particularly heavy rainfall or flooding.

Your well water may taste and look fine, however, there can be many harmful substances that you cannot taste, see or smell, such as bacteria and chemicals. These can enter well water both from the surface and ground, and can be a result of human or other activities. For example, nearby farming and agricultural activities or septic systems leakages, can lead to nitrates and fertilizers seeping into soil and contaminate your well water.

It is important to test your well water and maintain it regularly to help prevent contamination. Proper care and maintenance of your sewage disposal system (if you have one) may also protect your well water quality.

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